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Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Any business considering Internet activity requires its own digital address, known as a domain name. The domain name is your Internet business brand – it will appear above your Website in the address bar, in links, in search engines, and on every email you send. In the eyes of your customer it is the sign outside your office and your business card all rolled into one. The domain name is therefore the single most important ingredient in your Internet marketing strategy.

Domain names are sold on a first-come first-serve basis – many thousands are being registered every day so make this a number 1 priority and register now.


Simply follow these steps to register your Domain Names:

  • First make sure your name is available with our Whois search engine
  • Enter the domain name you are searching for in the search box provided.
  • Select the suffix you require or select all.
  • Then click the check name button. Wait for your results.

For as little as £10.00 per year in registration fees, you can secure your own virtual protected domain name ( and receive a free “Parked with 3elephants virtual hosting” page identifying your new domain name and two free pop email accounts until you select a hosting plan.

What extensions can I register?

Through 3elephants you can register the following domain extensions:


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